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Lunch on the Grand.jpg
Lunch time landing125 viewsLanded for lunch and then explored the Old Mill located down a short trail from here. 33333
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Whales basking in the Outer Fox Islands, French River PP261 viewsOkay, not really........but a wonderful scene none the less33333
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Timberwolf Lake.jpg
357 viewsMy canoe on Timberwolf Lake33333
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high falls.JPG
High Falls589 viewsA fine time for home school at high falls. First day of fall - 2005.33333
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Al Baars289 views33333
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tent glow.jpg
Tent in twilight234 viewsOur winter tent with a kerosene hurricane lamp inside.33333
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Dscn1050JPEG of.jpg
Lake Lila, NY ADK's116 views33333
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Canoe 007.jpg
Hanging Around130 viewsDarren Cope, Matt Fallowfield and Rick Pargeter visiting at the Grand River gathering33333
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georgi - in the morning314 views33333
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a good day ahead.jpg
Thelon - Some good weather mayb e?259 views33333
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Morning Mist104 viewsA frosty morning, but the payback was a nice display of mist hanging over the lake for the early part of the day.33333
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207 views33333
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Riv. Gatineau550 views33333
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Chiniguchi 008.jpg
Blue Lagoon1182 viewsThe famous Blue Lagoon, a well-known swimming spot and scenic location on the Chiniguchi route, near Wolf Lake.33333
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Outer Fox Islands #22162 viewsThe Breath Taking scenery of the Outer Fox Islands33333
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Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River500 views34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
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176 views33333
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Calm on Fingerboards, Georgian Bay1054 views33333
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Bannock Baking543 views33333
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Winter Walk337 viewsSnowshoeing up the Split Rock River, rumbling beneath our feet.33333
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old growth haliburton.jpg
433 views33333
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Plane Lab.jpg
Starting Out1499 viewsLoading up the turbo Otter, Goose Lake33333
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Sunrise on OSA Lake, Killarney490 viewsWe were treated to a great sunrise on this October morning on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park. 33333
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98 126.jpg
Temagami No Name Lake1637 viewsSituated between Lady Evelyn Lake on the east and Willow Island Lake on the west, this is the western end of the first of two portages used to access Willow Island Lake when traveling from Lady Evelyn Lake. There is a campsite marked on the Chrismar map and the shallow sandy landing area makes a nice lunch spot.33333
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Naskaupi Camp.JPG
Naskaupi Campsite1800 viewsCamped for the evening, somewhere on the Naskaupi River.33333
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07249 views33333
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346 views33333
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David Lake...Killarney430 views33333
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cropped chestnuts.jpe
Finished Chestnuts721 views33333
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149 views33333
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