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Which way.jpg
839 viewsHeading into Grassy Bay, Algonquin Park
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Home School.JPG
Home school at Minden322 views
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blue chute.jpg
Blue Chute436 views
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Brigham Falls450 viewsBrigham Chute & Falls on The Barron River, Algonquin P.P. During the CCR Gathering, Summer 2001.
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Farm Creek looking south205 views
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Jim Pike.jpg
Pike198 viewsToo small to keep, Winisk River
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Brendan_s Big Bass.jpg
Bass Pic274 viewsThe fishing was a bit slow on Noganosh this year...but we caught a few anyway!
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Thelon -Midnight the darkest it's going to get193 views
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The Ballos Family94 viewsJim, Ethan and Madeleine get ready to go our for a paddle
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DeepFreeze 003.jpg
Boarding the Bud Car in Sudbury212 viewsThe Thursday crew getting ready to board the Bud Car to head up to Metagama for Deep Freeze '04
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DeepFreeze 044.jpg
Scenery around Scouter Lake183 viewsThis is typical of the scenery around Scouter Lake, just south of Metagama where we stayed for Deep Freeze '04
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Little Madawaska River2072 viewsHogan Lake landing end of the La Muir - Hogan portage
(8 votes)
Morning Mist on Third Lake566 viewsHeading out from our campsite on Third Lake on the upper Spanish River
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Lake Kioshkokwi2344 viewsI ran to get my camera as this island emerged from the morning mist on Kioshkokwi Lake - after my very first night camped in Algonquin Provincial Park.
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annotated topo for a discussion2278 views
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David Solo big wave~0.jpg
Gens-de-terre river396 views
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Newfoundland2394 viewsKenkebeck Lake, put-in
(11 votes)
Digeridoo200 viewsHow often do you get serenaded by a digeridoo player at the campfire?
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Grand Camp.JPG
Grand Lake2215 viewsCampsite on Grand Lake
(12 votes)
2_Boardwalk_2010m_Portage2730 viewsBoardwalk 2010m Portage
(4 votes)
Jennifer Zandee and Justin Zandee in Lakeland Provincial Park904 views
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Heading Out, Melmerby Beach NS693 views
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Upper East River of Pictou610 views
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Naskaupi Rapid.JPG
Nameless rapid, Naskaupi River.1636 viewsSix kilometers of solid class 2-3
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Pasta Duty410 viewsRichard on cooking duty - making the pasta. This was during a trip on the Upper Spanish River.
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2005-09-26- the Birchbark Canoe I build.jpg
Homemade Birchbark canoe862 viewsMe paddle my Birchbark canoe I built.
(4 votes)
1_Carcajou_Bay1874 viewsCarcajou Bay
(3 votes)
171 views8x10 wall tent layout
(3 votes)
little falls st croix river639 viewsme and my canoe partners.....
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La Mauricie National Park - Gerald757 viewsGerald Enjoying a beautiful fall day's paddle.
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