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DeepFreeze 003.jpg
Boarding the Bud Car in Sudbury235 viewsThe Thursday crew getting ready to board the Bud Car to head up to Metagama for Deep Freeze '0422222
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DeepFreeze 044.jpg
Scenery around Scouter Lake202 viewsThis is typical of the scenery around Scouter Lake, just south of Metagama where we stayed for Deep Freeze '0422222
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Barron Canyon Canoes.jpg
Barron River Canoes731 views2 Canoes paddle upstream in the Barron River Canyon, Algonquin Park22222
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Morning Mist on Third Lake602 viewsHeading out from our campsite on Third Lake on the upper Spanish River22222
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David Solo big wave~0.jpg
Gens-de-terre river420 views22222
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Jennifer Zandee and Justin Zandee in Lakeland Provincial Park941 views22222
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Heading Out, Melmerby Beach NS727 views22222
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Upper East River of Pictou645 views22222
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Naskaupi Rapid.JPG
Nameless rapid, Naskaupi River.1681 viewsSix kilometers of solid class 2-3 22222
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Pasta Duty434 viewsRichard on cooking duty - making the pasta. This was during a trip on the Upper Spanish River. 22222
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annotated topo for a discussion2330 views
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Newfoundland2440 viewsKenkebeck Lake, put-in22222
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Little Madawaska River2126 viewsHogan Lake landing end of the La Muir - Hogan portage22222
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186 views8x10 wall tent layout22222
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little falls st croix river671 viewsme and my canoe partners.....22222
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Rapid - Ashuapmushuan483 views22222
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Winisk River887 viewsCanoe as wind break, cold wind from the north.22222
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Lake Kioshkokwi2398 viewsI ran to get my camera as this island emerged from the morning mist on Kioshkokwi Lake - after my very first night camped in Algonquin Provincial Park.22222
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Grand Camp.JPG
Grand Lake2264 viewsCampsite on Grand Lake22222
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La Mauricie National Park fall colors867 viewsTed trying to color coordinate with the fall colors22222
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Sailing Rig.jpg
Sailing1654 viewsWe make a tri hull rig from the three canoes and saoil for almost two days, Snegamook Lake, Labrador.22222
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Grubby1989 viewsAbout 12 days in, somewhere on the Kanairiktok River. Looking kind of grubby.22222
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Home Made Anorak - the Front Pocket468 viewsJust as we started to put it together. The two sides will easily each hold a large leather mitt. The little pockets on the front were designed to hold odds 'n ends like matches, a compass, fire starters, etc.22222
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Sunrise on Pigeon Bay, Lake Winnipeg303 viewsGet going early on Lake Winnipeg and sleep in the afternoon.22222
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98 153.jpg
Temagami Willow Island Creek1295 viewsWillow Island Creek runs north from Willow Island Lake, through Hobart and north of Hammer Lake. Between Anvil and the Bergeron portage there are several log jams making this an interesting route.22222
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Chiniguchi 022.jpg
McConnell Bay882 viewsSand beach at the large campsite on McConnell Bay, Chiniguchi route.22222
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192 views22222
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break274 views22222
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kitchen290 views22222
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Mistassibi River466 views22222
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