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Fiddlehead Canoe by Harry Bryan690 viewsJordan sails the Fiddlehead canoe on Halifax Harbour.
Shaggy Designs~0.jpg
The Saint631 viewsThis is the proto-type of the Saint converted to a true C-1. if you intrested how composite boats are made check out
There's a awsome C-2 on the site to...paddlers sit back to back.
Krugers canoe gets glassed.525 views
Verlens old canoe gets a face lift431 viewsGood job Dan and Scott and others who are redoing Verlens canoe.
This is the canoe from the book "One incredible Journey" and the documentary film "Never Before, Never Again"
Across N. America in 6-months by canoe.
Kruger's historic canoe gets re-glassed509 views
Historic canoe gets refurbished327 viewsDan & Scott Smith and friends are refurbishing the famous canoe used
by Verlen Kruger and Clint Waddell in their historic 6-month paddled from
Montreal to the Bering Sea in 1971. The canoe is 21 feet long, made of sitka spruce and weighs over 100-pounds.
New fiberglass for Krugers canoe767 viewsVerlens 1971 canoe gets a new layer of glass.
Krugers canoe looking good.707 views
Scott applies care to the old canoe.765 viewsScott Smith works to refurbish Kruger and Waddells canoe.
Dan finishes us the new paint job664 viewsKrugers canoe.
Krugers historic canoe get a face lift561 viewsEven a new paint job on the canoe that crossed Canada in 1971 from Montreal to the Bering Sea.
Krugers canoe gets a face lift.1372 views
Krugers canoe gets a face lift.804 views
Krugers canoe gets a face lift.727 views21 foot Sitka Spruce canoe...used in the 1971 crossing of Canada to the Bering Sea in 6-months by Clint Waddell and Verlen Kruger
New paint job for the 1971 Kruger canoe765 views
Krugers canoe gets refurbished.763 viewsEven the sticker from the original 1971 epic journey is replaced!
Kruger and Waddell's Canoe from 1971 crossing of Canada836 viewsThis 21 footer gets a face lift.
Krugers tired and worn out canoe from the epic 1971 paddle across Canada.609 viewsVerlen built this 110 lb Sitka spruce canoe for he and Clint Waddells historic crossing of Canada in one season...from Montreal to the Bering Sea in 6-months time. Thanks to Scott and Dan Smith in Michigan the canoe will be back in ship-shape to be used again.
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