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Wanigan Built this Winter1228 viewsTook some tips from Dave Had field and others in the Equipment section and built this with my 6 yr old son this winter. Most likely used on Car and Boat Camping trips. The bottom of the tray is plexi so you can see whats below.
Wanigan1172 viewsView with drop in removed.
2005-09-26- the Birchbark Canoe I build.jpg
Homemade Birchbark canoe1083 viewsMe paddle my Birchbark canoe I built.
Wanigan1021 viewsAnother View
Empty Wannigan940 viewsForm fitting wannigan made from poplar and lexan
how many boats can you get on a car935 viewsstole this pic off the boatwerks site
DIY Reflector Oven921 viewsIn the foreground the sum total of tools used in the process. The Vise grips with the sheet metal attachment wer very useful and only 20 bucks.
Buckley DryFly838 viewsLightweight shelter from Outdoor Solutions
DIY Reflector Oven Side view764 views
My home-made tarp & bug shelter743 views
DIY reflector Oven Front view743 views
Benthal Bug Hut on the Turtle River, ON.678 viewsJuly 2005 - Turtle River, ON. Mosquitoes were a problem so we set up the
'Benthal Bug Hut' to relax. 9' X 9' X 6' ht. 4.25 lbs.
Great for 4 to cook in and move about.
Eureka VCS 16678 views
Wannigans in Canoe674 viewsForm fitting wannigans
DIY Reflector626 viewsBased on the Kraiker's design. A prototype built with a roll of Roofing Aluminum and a couple of Coat Hangers. THis view is it folded up.
601 viewsbush buddy
two canoes on narrow rack599 viewsNot all lines are attached. Also, I later added foam blocks between gunnel of upper canoe and the hull it rested on to avoid scuffing.
Chiniguchi 023.jpg
Hennessy Hammock597 viewsThis is my Hennessy Hammock in use on a trip in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury. The hammock has a full bug screen, a silnylon rain fly and fastens easily to any two reasonably spaced trees. Access is through a slit in the bottom.
canoe repair in the field589 viewsMid way down the Pukaskwa in early May. This Royalite Dumoine had seen too many trips and too much UV exposure. Several cracks on the hull, the longest of which about 8". Repaired with fiberglass. Second trip this boat was repaired enroute. Retired after this trip.
Home Made Sled553 viewsMy home made sled, used for hauling in the winter camping gear. It consists of a plywood deck on two 2x4's on edge bolted to two old downhill skis. Based on the sled design found on Dave Hadfield's Web Site
White Sail 02.jpg
Poly Sail with Tuc Tape516 views
New Tarp - Algonquin Parkside Bay Sept 05.jpg
New Tarp - Algonquin Parkside Bay Sept 05484 viewsNew custom made silnylon tarp. 10 x 12
5 re-enforced tieouts per side, 5 through the center.
Edge taped and seam sealed. 1lb 12 oz
Wannigan425 views
Homemade cherry paddles.jpg
Homemade Cherry paddles on Lake Superior424 viewsI carved the paddle on the right from a solid piece of cherry. The one on the left was laminated from the leftovers.
Stripper2415 viewsSimcoe with the stripper
FrenchRiverStripper412 viewsDan. and his stripper on the French River Summer 2006
393 viewsNictau Lake, mt. Carelton provincal park, new brunwick.
my beater coleman ( first canoe ).
Home-spun aluminum canoe381 viewsSeen at the Canada Canoe Day 2008 event in Peterborough.

Custom-built by a Metis builder for the lady in the stern.
The "River Pig" goes solo380 viewsTyson Lake 2005..... my first solo excursion in the Pig!
Stripper1380 viewsDan. and his Stripper on Simcoe
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