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The Put In142 views
The put in90 views
On the Water Day 1 (#2)126 views
On the water day 1100 views
Canoe 001.jpg
Merlin Taking it Easy71 viewsDan sits back 'n rests a spell
Canoe 002.jpg
Uneven Portage Carry83 viewsDave and Sandy experiencing a problem with portaging due to a height differential
Canoe 007.jpg
Hanging Around111 viewsDarren Cope, Matt Fallowfield and Rick Pargeter visiting at the Grand River gathering
Canoe 012.jpg
Danny and Donny71 viewsDan and Don ... just hangin' out
Canoe 014.jpg
Loaded Canoe Trailer78 viewsThe trailer all loaded up - ready to haul the boats to our put-in spot for the day trip.
Cool Weather97 viewsFrost on the window ... we had some cold temperatures
Group Shot69 viewsA group shot of the gang at Byng Island Campground
Donny Martini's110 viewsDonny manning his martini bar
Richard Grand River 2004.jpg
Richard at his best!66 viewsSpring Gathering, Grand River 2004
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