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a good day ahead.jpg
Thelon - Some good weather mayb e?364 views
cloud reflections.jpg
Thelon - Reflections of clouds in the river267 views
clouds reflections.jpg
Thelon - More clouds more reflections253 views
Lake Kathawachaga221 viewsCanoeing on Lake Kathawachaga late at night.
finally nice weather.jpg
Thelon -finally, a bit of nice weather300 views
last words of hornby before he and 2 others starved to death.jpg
Thelon - Hornby's last words694 viewsHornby's last words before he and 2 others starved to death having missed the caribou migration.
lunch break hoping for a wind.jpg
Thelon - lunch break hoping for a wind229 views
Middle and Upper Cascades, Kazan River245 viewsPanorama of the beginning of the portage around the middle falls of the Kazan.
Thelon -Midnight the darkest it's going to get286 views
moonrise over whitefish lake.jpg
Thelon - Moonrise before heading out403 views
Robert Perkins' Loon - 1246 views
Robert Perkins' 'Loon' - 2212 views
Back River, "... where Back nearly lost his boat..."360 viewsFirst rapid below Jim Magrum Lake.
More text at Nunavut Canoe Routes Forum, thread TR:Back River, 2005
Back River, Beechey cascades286 viewsMore text at Nunavut Canoe Routes Forum, thread TR:Back River, 2005
Back River, Escape Rapids291 viewsLower part of Escape. More text is provided in Nunavut Canoe Routes Forum, thread TR:Back River, 2005
Back River, caribou herd252 viewsA herd of 3,000 to 4,000 passed by our campsite partway through Rock Rapids; it was followed shorty by a wolf on the same trail.
Back River, Buliard cabin356 viewsFather Buliard's cabin on Mission Island, Upper Garry Lake.
More text at Nunavut Canoe Routes Forum, thread TR:Back River, 2005
typical thelon.jpg
Thelon - typical scenery342 views
wardens grove cabin.jpg
Thelon - Warden's Grove Cabin390 views
Wolverine533 viewsWolverine along the Burnside River.
Toiling on the Ice309 viewsGordon Congdon pushes loaded royalex canoe over soft ice on Lake Katchawaga
Inukshuk276 viewsInukshuk above the Burnside River near the outlet of Lake Kathawachaga. John Franklin crossed the Burnside near here.
Belanca Rapids295 viewsGordon Congdon and Robbie Scott run Belanca Rapids on the Burnside River in Nunavut in an OT Appalachian.
Grizzly Bear291 viewsGrizzly was feeding on roots and ground squirrels alongside the Burnside River.
Feeding Grizzly262 viewsThis grizzly was digging roots and ground squirrels along the Burnside River. The bear showed neither aggression nor fear toward the six gauking bipeds.
Split Boulder306 viewsBoulder Split by ice.
Camp at the Confluence311 viewsCamping at the confluence of the Burnside River with the Mara River. CCS bug tent.
Muskox262 viewsMuskox on the tundra. They smelled bad and drew clouds of mosquitoes!
Skirting the Waves293 viewsGordon Congdon (stern) and Robert Scott skirt huge haystacks and holes on the lower Burnside River in an OT Appalachian.
Canyon View278 viewsGordon Congdon takes in the canyon of the lower Burnside. Canoeists portage this canyon because of the falls. Rock is quartzite.
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