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Yellow Lady's Slippers on the Bruce Peninsula161 viewsJun 18, 2006
Orchid on the Bruce Peninsula152 viewsJun 18, 2006
Hammock1289 viewsJun 13, 2006
Hammock2279 viewsJun 13, 2006
Hammock3225 viewsJun 13, 2006
Two flat water canoeists trying to keep it afloat!480 viewsMy sister and I - I know, I know, get your hand up higher on the paddle! The water temp was almost like a bath water - good thing, we got wet a couple of times.Jun 07, 2006
Upper Magnetwwan Trip - Ross Rapids481 viewsBy the end of this run we were still upright but we decided to put out and empty the gear then turn the canoe over - quicker than bailing the few gallons we took on Jun 07, 2006
Upper Magnetawan - Lower Burnt Chutes481 viewsThis was perhaps the most challangeing run of the trip - here we're past the difficult stretch and are about to start to celebrateJun 07, 2006
Samsman fishing357 viewsFirst thing I saw when I stuck my head out of the tent. Some people are just up wayy too early!Jun 05, 2006
For Redstart379 viewsA view from site 31 looking north to 33Jun 05, 2006
Sailing884 viewsMe and my windscoop on Clear LakeJun 05, 2006
Sunset621 viewsUnfortunately, used a low-res setting for what turned out to be a nice picJun 05, 2006
Samsman and Sam709 viewsNortherb end of Wood's Bay, Massasauga PkJun 05, 2006
insert nuts147 viewsinside thread for bolts
outside fatter thread for wood
Jun 01, 2006
Pink Ladyslipper91 viewsClose to Huntsville in half shaddow on a path in the forrestMay 30, 2006
Towing dirty diapers159 viewsCanoeing with kids - nice to tow dirty diapers behind youMay 26, 2006
Michael Rogers custom rack134 viewsMay 14, 2006
Michael Rogers custom rack90 viewsMay 14, 2006
Michael Rogers custom rack132 viewsMay 14, 2006
18.5ft canoe, 47lbs259 viewsfrom Souris River Canoes, the Quetico 18.5 in CarbonTech. I knew we'd fight over who gets to carry the boat...... May 13, 2006
Canoe attachemnt front of Audi97 viewsAttaching webbing to front bumper where there is no obvious attachemnt point. Webbing loops are fed through the air grills and looped around bumper support. Held in place when not in use by bungees under the hood.May 11, 2006
Canoe tie down front of Audi92 viewsShows a method of attaching rope/webbing to front of car with plastic bumpers and no obvious attachment points. Webbing loops threaded through air grills and looped around bumper supports. When not in use the loops are secured with bungee cords under hood.May 11, 2006
125 viewsMay 11, 2006
Temagami Nastawgan Trail125 viewsMay 08, 2006
Male flower of spruce in front yard104 viewsNice colour and structure.... It's the first time I noticed these hundreds of little "cones".May 06, 2006
Flower of Japanese Maple103 viewsMay 06, 2006
Trillium in the garden109 viewsBought at the farmers market amd thus probably dug out in some woods. It doesmn't do too well and I think we'll lose it eventually.May 06, 2006
Tulips and birch in the backyard130 viewsSpring stuff. The birch is probably a local one. My neighbour has a birch that looks much different and probably is an import: the bark seems "sooty" where it's not white, its shape is more squat than striving towards sky and the catkins are rather yellow than with a tinge of brown as my birch May 06, 2006
Riv. Haute-Lievre575 viewsS IVMay 04, 2006
Riv. Haute-Lievre787 viewsBumpy ride...May 04, 2006
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