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2004-10-10 116.JPG
Portage Cart - Germany100 viewsA sign at a portage in the woods 100km north of Berlin - alright.....Dec 02, 2005
2004-10-10 138.JPG
Tradional poled boat in Germany102 viewsfrom a house in EichstaettDec 02, 2005
Spanish River West Branch, September 2005478 viewsDec 02, 2005
Snow Dogs.jpg
Bill Mason Paddle224 viewsLast paddle of the year, happening on the day of the first snowfall ala the scene from Waterwalker.Dec 02, 2005
Caribou lake, La Mauricie Nat'l park495 viewsOutdoor club, Montignac H.S., Lac-Mégantic, QuebecDec 02, 2005
de la Halte portage440 viewsLa Maurice Nat'l park
All girls (16) outdoor club (Montignac H.S, Lac-Mégantic, Quebec)
Dec 02, 2005
Lac de la Halte portage477 viewsEnd of portage (de la Halte lake, La Mauricie Nat'l park)
All girls (16) outdoor club (Montignac H.S., Lac-Mégantic)
Dec 02, 2005
North Wapizagonke lake415 viewsView from belvedere on Chute Weber trail (La Mauricie Nat'l park)Dec 02, 2005
Dinner for 16677 viewsI wasn't responsible for this culinary choice!Dec 02, 2005
fall canoeing.jpg
La Mauricie National Park - one georgeous day895 viewsThis is what canoeing in the fall is all about.Dec 01, 2005
La Mauricie National Park fall colors937 viewsTed trying to color coordinate with the fall colorsDec 01, 2005
La Mauricie National Park - Gerald906 viewsGerald Enjoying a beautiful fall day's paddle.Dec 01, 2005
La Mauricie National Park546 viewsJust a pretty fall day at one of the portagesDec 01, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction373 viewsLooks good from farNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction360 viewsCenter line not so straightNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction309 viewsProblems getting other side to matchNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction370 viewsCenter line cut, ready to plank the bottomNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction323 viewsNov 25, 2005
Wakami P.P.2050 viewsNov 24, 2005
elk river (2005).jpg
elk river 2005155 viewsgranite falls on the elk river, NWT, 2005. Nov 24, 2005
Trolly Portage.jpg
Three Mile to Balsam Lake Portage (Tramway)489 viewsDonny & Bob portage into Balsam Lake (Killarney) using the 30m tramway Nov 23, 2005
Lake St.Francis Algonquin Park.jpg
Lake St.Fransic530 viewsEarly morning shot facing west. Taken by a cheapo disposable camera. August 29, 2004Nov 22, 2005
View from Tent at Queen Anne Bottom (46).JPG
Tent at Queen Anne's Bottom, Green River Utah204 viewsNov 21, 2005
Homemade cherry paddles.jpg
Homemade Cherry paddles on Lake Superior386 viewsI carved the paddle on the right from a solid piece of cherry. The one on the left was laminated from the leftovers.Nov 19, 2005
conducting waves.jpg
Flatrock - October 20052896 viewsOK, so its not a canoe trip. Just went for a walk down the road from my new home.Nov 19, 2005
Cooling off at sunset.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005 - Pukaskwa River mouth765 viewsCooling off at sunset at the mouth of the Pukaskwa River.Nov 19, 2005
English Fishery Harbour.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005817 viewsEnglish Fishery Harbour - windbound from after noon.Nov 19, 2005
First campsite.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005 - First night campsite757 viewsA little bay a few hours south of Hattie Cove.Nov 19, 2005
Lake Superior - July 2005 - Hitchiker723 viewsStopped for a break in a little bay and decided to give this critter a lift as he was swimming toward land and my canoe was in his/her way.Nov 19, 2005
Lunch stop.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005 - Lunch at Petit Mort Rocks460 viewsOne of many beautiful beaches on the Lake Superior coast.Nov 19, 2005
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