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Beaver Dam, Loon Lake93 viewsWe stopped next to the beaver dam and drifted in close, being very quiet, and were able to listen in on a very eager discussion taking place within.May 02, 2008
Camp on Rossignol79 viewsOur first campsite on the trip.May 02, 2008
Solo90 viewsMe taking a spin on Carrigan lake in the evening.May 02, 2008
Camp at Ponhook86 viewsWe found our island campsite had been trashed by some locals, who had left broken bottle, a plastic tarp, pieces of lawn chairs, etc, strewn all about. We cleaned up as best we could.May 02, 2008
Canoe Head91 viewsCarrying our canoe around Loon Lake falls, Mersey River.May 02, 2008
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