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On the water day 1166 views
Group Photo175 views
Brigham Falls643 viewsBrigham Chute & Falls on The Barron River, Algonquin P.P. During the CCR Gathering, Summer 2001.
Ben on the Barron.jpg
Ben on the Barron667 views
Canoe 001.jpg
Merlin Taking it Easy169 viewsDan sits back 'n rests a spell
Canoe 002.jpg
Uneven Portage Carry152 viewsDave and Sandy experiencing a problem with portaging due to a height differential
Canoe 007.jpg
Hanging Around224 viewsDarren Cope, Matt Fallowfield and Rick Pargeter visiting at the Grand River gathering
Canoe 012.jpg
Danny and Donny138 viewsDan and Don ... just hangin' out
Cool Weather186 viewsFrost on the window ... we had some cold temperatures
Dan, Nooner, Donny, Tony, Pat.jpg
Dan, Nooner, Donny, Tony, Pat527 views
Dinner449 views
Donny Martini's221 viewsDonny manning his martini bar
Trying out the Hammock289 viewsDan (merlin) tries out Richard's new Hennessy Hammock
Suppertime285 viewsSome of the gang sitting down for supper
Double Rainbow320 viewsA nice double rainbow over Scouter Joe's
Group Photo511 views
Gathering at Bice.jpg
Host site at Ralph Bice448 views
Group at Jubilee.jpg
Gathering around the pit417 viewsHost site at the Jubilee Lake gathering
Group Photo Ralph Bice Gathering.jpg
Ralph Bice Gatherers720 viewsA group photo of all who attended the Ralph Bice Lake gathering
Hanging out at the slide.jpg
Hanging out at the High Falls waterslide653 views
The Ballos Family201 viewsJim, Ethan and Madeleine get ready to go our for a paddle
Sunset Paddle196 viewsA warm, clear day and a great sunset also. Nothing like an evening paddle on perfectly calm water.
Digeridoo375 viewsHow often do you get serenaded by a digeridoo player at the campfire?
Morning Mist208 viewsA frosty morning, but the payback was a nice display of mist hanging over the lake for the early part of the day.
Morning Temperature142 viewsNice weather most of the time, but we had one cool night - frost on everything when we woke up.
Beachcomber201 viewsSandy playing at the beach at the group campsite - Grundy Lake
The Flotilla Heads Out209 viewsThe gang head out for a day trip around the chain of lakes in Grundy Provincial Park.
Dan Sailing155 viewsDan Thomsen shows off his canoe sailing skills
Tony Snoozing161 viewsTony recovering from his long drive up to the gathering.
Into the canyon.jpg
Paddling into the canyon618 views
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